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A story to tell

Khole new fish

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Today i have sad news my baby Morpheus has passed away, i am so sad i really don't think i want another Betta fish, he was fine no signs of anything at all and then puff gone to fish heaven.

But the story is not that one ok i had gotten some ghost shrimp but little did i know that cherry barbs eat them well i had four and they just where gone i you would have it i was changing the water and little did i know the smallest one was still alive wow i could not believe it but i said to myself let me leave him alone because i have no where to move him a week went by did not see him again i said o no he is dead, well no he was still alive my mom had the idea to move him to the peace Lillie bowl and what do you know he is a happy camper all by himself no one to hunt him no fear no stress at least one happy ending to share.



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