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Java Moss Lament 2

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So I've tied the Java moss down to a rock pretty securely and it's still flaking off. What's really bothering me is how much it builds up on my filter intake. I seriously am considering giving up on this one as a loss but I wanted to use it on a tree thingy so I have one more idea before I complete scrap. I wanna see if people think this would work to grow it out and eventually put on the tree. Put it in a 1 gallon icecream bucket so it can do its thing without annoying me. This might require a decent amount of fertilizer since it won't be getting nitrates from fish but I'm sick of seeing Java moss particles everywhere!  




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I would guess that it is doing that because it may not be getting enough nutrients in the water column. If you are going to try and grow it in a bucket, maybe throw an air stone in there and fertilize it. 

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@Zenzo I recently more than doubled how much easy green I'm dosing per recommendation by someone else for a different problem so maybe I will see a difference in the tank. I kept the main clump in the tank for now and threw what I collected off of the intake in the bucket. I will see how more easy green effects it before I completely give up

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