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Water Parameter Question


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I've had my quarantine tank (10 Rubbermaid tub) set up for quite awhile, parameters have been stable. I have two seasoned sponge filters in the "tank" and I've been adding a pinch of fish food every day. I got some new fish on Saturday and I think I overloaded the quarantine tank because my parameters are now not OK. I did a 50 water change on Sunday (I stated seeing ammonia Sunday evening) and yesterday (Monday). I added a HOB filter and put a Purigen packet in it. I've been adding Prime and Stability according to package instructions. I just checked my water and I'm at Ammonia .5, Nitrite .25 and Nitrate 5. I'm assuming that even though the Prime "binds" the nitrite/nitrate, my test would still appear elevated?  Anyway, my question is, should I do a 50% water change now and redose the Prime/Stability or wait until tomorrow AM and test again? I have Panda Cory's, Celestial Pearl Danios and Emerald Rasboras in the tank. There is also a big gob of Java Moss floating around in there with the fish.

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