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4370649F-DFAC-44AA-99BF-ED7C822F0121.jpeg.ace28bbfb51f5c7b40d9b1d9a48864ed.jpegQuarantine or not?

i’m starting my 55gallon it’s cycled with plants. No fish present one snail in tank. Question is, Should I quarantine my fish before I place it in my 55?  I have no fish in there, but one 🐌 snail.  Is it safe to assume that I can just throw the fish in there and watch them in the 55. The only problem I see with this is if there is a problem disease then I have to treat 55gal water. My wife says I already spent too much money on my fish hobby and she’s not authorizing a purchase for a 10 gallon, lol

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As there is no existing tank population to protect the first fish you can add straight to the tank without quarantining however if you plan on doing a medicated quarantine it might be worth considering as medicating a 55 will use a lot more product than a 5 or 10.

I don't medicate new fish but many people do so I thought I'd add this point to consider. I keep a plastic tote under my fish tank to help sort out plants and damp items when I'm maintaining it so it becomes hospital,quarantine or time out tank when needed I just throw in a cheap filter or air line depending on how long it's going to be in use. 

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