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Type of Betta


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To properly identify, hold a mirror up so the betta will flare, and take a picture with your betta fully flared. 


We need to be able to see the rays/spines in the tail well enough to count them, and to see if the tail is supposed to be 'serrated', scalloped, crown, or smooth.


[Top image is double halfmoon, but doesn't have the full number of rays to meet IBC standard. True standard his top fin would match the edge of his tail, which would continue the edge to his bottom fin like a giant circle.

Bottom image is a female crowntail, and you can see how each "spine" has the web of the fins extend halfway to the edge of the spine. The tail spines are always in pairs.]

Both of these fish are flared, so you can count the spines on the dorsal (top) fin, as well as the tail. 

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