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Growth on Goldfish Tail - Maracyn/IchX Treatment Hasn't Worked


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Hey all, I'm having a tough time diagnosing and treating these growths on my goldfish's tail. 

Water Parameters:

  • pH 6.8
  • Nitrates 20-30 ppm
  • Hardness 300 ppm 
  • Nitrite 0 ppm
  • Ammonia 0 ppm
  • KH/Buffer 40-50 ppm
  • Water Temperature 72 degrees F

A month ago, I treated with 3 packets Maracyn and 3 tsp IchX (29 gallon tank) for 5 consecutive days, according to the Aquarium Coop fungus treatment page. However, the growth is still slowly spreading but only to other parts of the tail fin. 

The tank has live plants and another goldfish. That other goldfish is doing great and does not appear to have any abnormal growth. They're fed a staple diet of Saki Hikari and a frozen brine shrimp cube once a week. 




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@Superfish20 Doesn't look like Ich to me.  It looks strange for a fungus too.  I had a fungal infection on the tail of one of my goldfish once, but it appeared as one large spot, not many small spots like in the photos.  I was able to treat the infection on my fish with salt.  I slowly brought the salt level up to 1.25 tablespoons per gallon for about week and then slowly brought it back down through water changes.  Aquarium Coop has some great videos on how to use salt correctly.

I would try salt as a treatment first.  It is effective against many external infections and parasites, it is cheap, and readily available.


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