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Freudian platy

Laura R

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I separated male and female platy due to breeding explosion; One aggressive male platy slowly killed most other males. My sister said to euthanize him but I did not want to as was healthy. I put him with the 5 tiger barbs in the 29 gal heavily planted tank. He swam with a single larger barb always and over a couple weeks I periodically found single dead barbs in the tank until only 2 barbs (the larger one included) and platy remained. Sister said, "You know what to do." Nope.

I put platy in with 3 adult paleatus cories in quarantine until I found my next move...  The platy and cories now are in a 10 gal planted with 4 mature danio glofish. No other fish. They all seem fine with minimal chasing by platy. He now swims always with the largest Cory. No deaths after 2 weeks. 

New tiger barbs (6 now is total) happily thriving in 29 with pleco and kuhli loaches that were already in tank.  Confused insecure platy seems to be good and Cory does not seem to mind new friend. Danios are too fast and feisty themselves with the cories ignoring platy.

Behaviors of these guys are cool to watch and shows all just need the right friends! Lol. Have a great day!


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