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stem plants beaten up


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The first step would be to get an ID of the actual plant, I'm unfamiliar with it. How long ago did you get this plant? If you got it recently it may have been grown emersed and is now melting since it's in the water. A lot of plants with red coloration need iron content, so you may consider Aquarium Coop's Easy Iron. Often plants with red coloration also need high lighting conditions and possibly CO2. 

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Just did a little looking around and thought it may be an Ammannia Gracilis. Taken from the Aquarium Coop Store:


Ammannia Gracilis is a stem plant that requires high light and CO2 to show vibrant red and pink colors. It can also thrive under medium light, but may retain a more yellow to green color. In it's underwater form, Ammannia Gracilis will produce thin, elongated, pointed leaves which help provide shelter for fish and fry.

You may want to look up a care guide for this plant if that is indeed the right identification.

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