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Mysterious White Worms and Bugs, What to Do??


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Hello, I came back from vacation to encounter odd inhabitants in my tank. There are several white worms on the top glass of the tank and they can be seen swimming. It's hard to catch them swimming with a camera. There are also cricket/flea looking water bugs that like burying in the substrate. What are they? Should I be concerned? How do I get rid of these bugs? The fish and the plants  that I have in the tank appear to be in fine condition.  Thank you for any insight you can give it is much appreciated. 




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The little white worms are most likely detritus worms. The other possibility is planaria, which are easily distinguishable from detritus worm because planaria have a semi-triangular head.

Neither are necessarily "bad", detritus worms exist probably in every single aquarium as they live in your substrate and feed off waste. They typically don't show up when there's lots of fish around because they are quite yummy (to fish). I have only ever had them show up en masse like that when I had a snail and plant only tank with tons and tons of wood and mulm. If their growth is explosive trying vacuum graveling more and feed a little less.

I believe the little flea looking guys are scuds which I don't know much about them,  but I don't believe they pose much of a risk. Planaria are a threat to shrimp if you have any.


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