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Need help, EBA breathing weirdly


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I need some help, my Electric Blue Acara is breathing weirdly since yesterday. (added the fish about 5 months ago, nothing as changed)

Ammonia, Nitrites are at 0, Nitrates are at arround 10 and I just did my weekly waterchange to be sure it wasn't the problem...but no change.

All the other fishs are ok, temp is at 78F.


I made this video to show you...

Is it an internal parasite ? What should I use to help him ?


Thank you !


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Added Safe yes, but he was breathing like that before and still is, after 24h. I have plenty of surface agitation too.

I added a small Geophagus about 2 weeks ago, from a friend. I had no space for quarantine so I added him directly in this tank...that's why I'm thinking it's a parasite or something...

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Have you noticed him rubbing against things in the tank if so  coupled with the rapid breathing it could be Gill flukes I would treat with paracleanse or general cure it can take 2-3 Course of treatment two weeks apart or you can add it to there food heres a recipe you can use with paracleanse or general cure


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