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K1 filter media


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Does anyone have experience with K1 media or K1 micro? 

I've seen this used in videos but I never read into it. It was mentioned that it needs to be used in large volumes and must be moving to be any good, so I never researched it more. 

But I stumbled upon something today that says that it is good when static as well, and volume isn't necessarily as big a deal for its effectiveness other than just having more surface area. 

I only found one source that talked about it in much detail (aquarium science), and how when static, it is much better than ceramics.  In fact, to my surprise, gravel substrate is better than ceramics.  

So why am I using ceramics when I could use K1 if it doesn't need to be moving? 

If anyone out there has experience, good or bad, with k1 as a static media, please let me know.  


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The theory behind K1 is that the movement knocks off the older, less effective bacteria and gunk keeping the K1 operating at peak efficiency. I have one of the K1 type canisters in my 50 high and it seems to work fine. I keep good airflow through it though. Pretty much anything will grow bacteria. The idea/theory behind K1 material (and its type of stuff) is that you keep optimal bacteria growth in it by knocking off the older, dead, less effective bacteria and any gunk that accumulates. With a lot of flow, gunk floats away instead of lying in/atop the bacterial bed. 

When you're looking for the most effective filters, look at what the loony-fringe reef keepers and koi keepers are doing. They often have more money than the rest of us and if they're using something, it's probably pretty good. A lot of koi keepers use K1 type filters. (And Bakki showers, and rotary drum filters.) Reef keepers, by and large, don't seem to go for the K1 media all that often. I'm guessing the salt or corals would interact with the K1 media in some manner possibly clumping it together. 

Can you use it as a non-moving media? Sure. The same as anything else. Is it more effective used in that manner? Eh, probably not. And don't forget, most K1 type media floats until they get laden with bacteria that helps neutralize their buoyancy. Floating media in a canister filter can be an issue when you go to clean it. Ceramic media tends to sink.

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