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Odd Betta behavior


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@bettta999 First THANK YOU for helping me and my fish (sorry I did not say it sooner)

I have plant lights well above the 55 tank that shine into the betta 10. They are on 12 hour times. I can add more light to make the tank look different.

A bit more back ground. I have used a betta mirror with him for 3 or 4 minutes at a time. I have used it to check his fins and to be sure he is not constipated. I never takes my eyes off him when it is in the tank and never leave it in for the full 5 minutes.

My husband is in town where there is a petsmart if you want me to ask him to get anything. I have the quarantine trio, meracyn two, and stress coat. I have only used the trio when I got these fish. I could do it again.

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@bettta999 The betta is back in the tank. He swam a little and hide under the almond leaf on the bottom. A cory nugde the leaf and he swam out and could not find his way back under, so I put to flat pebbles under the leaf, spaced a bit so he could easily get back under the leaf. I think the best thing now is time and hope. I put 2 betta beads in his floating feeder, but he did not bother to check it.

Wish use luck.

The geese on the lake took off as a bald eagle showed up to fish. I'll hope that is a good omen.

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