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Surprise Fry!


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I have been struggling with breeding projects for months. Even my rainbows seemed to take a vow of chastity. 

I had Red Phantom tetras in different combinations in my breeding tank for a month or so - no luck. Lots of breeding behavior, no eggs or fry that I could see. I put them back in my display tank Dec 18. I bought some ottos and isolated them in the breeding tank. I can't find stuff they like to eat so I tossed a hornwort covered in algae from my display tank into the iso tank sometime between Christmas and Dec 29.  

Tonight, I found fry swimming in the upper part of the tank! I've attached pictures - one unedited from my Nikon with a macro lens on. The other is a cropped version of the same photo.

I was thrilled at first but now I'm worried - could these be hybrid rainbow fry? My display tank has turquoise, yellow, and goyder river bows as well as the RPT school and denison barbs. This plant was jammed at the top of the tank right under the light and above a large decoration. I never see any of the fish near it. I'm hoping that bit of blue in the eye means they are RPTs (the adults have this). They look like little slivers of glass. The fry are free swimming (sorry I couldn't get a video to upload) and I can't tell if they are big enough to eat frozen baby brine (it looks nearly as big as their heads). I have Co-op fry food, frozen baby brine, and a mosquito culture outside that has some algae growing in it (I use the water to feed my bamboo shrimp - it has all sorts of small particles in it). Are these ok to feed? The ottos didn't touch the hornwort/algae so I'm sure it's full of tiny food too. I can also squeeze my sponge filter out into the water for tiny food. They are very active and did go after the BB but I can't tell if they managed to eat it. 

Thank you so much for any help!


Unexpected Fry.jpg

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More detail on timing.
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