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uprooted plants

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This plant (Dwarf Sagittaria?) has been in my tank for over a year. In the last couple of months, it is becoming noticeably uprooted. The internet does not say that the fish, cherry barbs (shown), which also have been in the tank for over a year, will uproot plants. Also, the growth of the plant has really slowed down, in terms of runners. Root tabs are provided about once per month and a dose of Easy Iron and Easy Green. The Amazon Sword in the tank is growing really well. Could it be that the root system is not developing?  

Uprooted plants.jpg

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I have found that water slows a bit near plant stems and rocks etc. causing more things to settle out of the water, including fish food, and it settles next to the objects.  Your fish might be nibbling at food around the plants and loosening the soil covering the roots. You might try feeding the fish in an area farther from the plants. or put a few heavier pebbles next to the stems. to keep the food off the soil and keep the soil packed in place. Another possibility is that the water flow from a filter is slowly but steadily move the soil away from the roots?

An approach that would be more effort but might help would be to cut a square or circle of fine netting and put a slice in to the center. Put the plant in the center and over edges of the slice then cover the netting with soil completely. If you see the netting being uncovered, add a few pebbles over the soil where the netting starts showing.

Good luck


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