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Pest snails as live food for betta


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20211123_190023.jpg.222c2d6289c29bb0f900a853e9aaea8e.jpgHello everyone! 

I own a lovely red betta and I am of course aware that a varied diet is best especially if it includes live food. So I have been deliberating whether to get a culture of something. However, I suspect that my betta is gorging on the many pest pond snails in my tank. Should I even bother with the cost and hassle of a live culture for one betta if he already has plenty of live food in the form of snails? (I also give him flakes). 

Thanks in advance! 💖


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For one betta I would occasionally hatch a small amount of bbs in a soda bottle more for environmental enrichment. Frozen mysis shrimp my betta loved other frozen food as well if you want variety. Im miserably lazy about live food cultures so if you are more into it it does not hurt. 

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