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Need help identifying disease in female Betta


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Hi everyone, 

I am not sure what is going on with my Betta’s face. She is a Glofish female betta and I have had her for 3 months no problems. I checked on her this morning and her face seems swollen on the left side, there is also something small and white just above her nose. She still wants to eat, frozen bloodworms and Hikari betta. 
She is the only fish in my 40 gallon tank and it has been up and running for 5 months. It’s heavily planted, I run Co2, and do two water changes a week. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I dearly love her! 

These are the parameters of my tank: 

Ammonia 0 

Nitrate 10-20

Nitrite 0 

Hardness (GH) 150-300

Buffer (KH) 80-120

PH 7.6-8.0

Chlorine 0







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