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Feeding Amazon/S. American Leaf Fish


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Any one have experience with S. American/Amazon Leaf fish, I would like to hear your success and failures.  I have kept this fish in the past and know how difficult they can be getting off live.  The vendor that sold them to me claimed they were already on frozen bloodworms, that’s what made me impulse buy them this time around as I always loved these fish.  I have not been able to get them on frozen blood worms.  I have seen videos of them on frozen mysis that I also tried with no luck.  I am squirting the frozen worms across the tank with a pipette to try to trigger a response.  Maybe I am not making them “fast” enough? I also tried crickets, live white worms, live red wiggler worms, peanut beetle larvae/adults.  I currently cannot produce enough live bearer fry or cherry shrimp to sustain them and that’s not the route I want to rely on. Frozen would be ideal, I may just have to increase the flow to try to get a more natural movement out of the frozen foods.  Currently have them in a setup with just a COOP sponge filer, May change it over to a Matten filter for a more circular flow.

I did get one to grab a meal worm beetle but it eventually spit it out.  I think it was just a little too big.  I need to refresh my meal worm culture to get smaller beetles. 


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