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I need help floating mangrove seedlings

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I saw a video on floating mangrove seedings in cross sections of pool noodles. (Cut out a small wedge, put seedling in center and tighten with a zip tie) I decided to give it a try and order some seedling. They arrived today. We have searched the cottage top to bottom and can not find any of our pool noodles. Does anyone have any suggestions for what kind of foam I can use to float these seedlings that won't make my fish sick? I have been trying to wrap the seedling with bubble wrap, which is like trying to hold a spoked mudpuppy, oozing extra slim.



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@CoryHow should I handle the seedlings until Sunday?  I stuck them in my San Fran brine shrimp hatchery, in freshwater, no air, to keep them upright. Any chance I can get a preview? The seedlings arrived today. I order rubberized plant wire from Amazon. They say it will be here Thursday, but with the holiday rush on... I will keep my fingers crossed.

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@CoryThanks, I'll go review every wonderful thing I have bought from Aquarium CoOp !!!

P.S. Check out my post about saving fish who have run out of oxygen with peroxide under "Wind caused 12 hour power outage: air and water temperature graphs along with what was done".  Nobody seems to know about this, but it works, if you are careful.

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