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Pregnant Danio?


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I think I have a pregnant Danio.  Bad part is the others are chasing her down and she's getting stuck in the rocks trying to run from them.... I can tell they are wearing her out and there aren't many hiding places for her since most of those are taken up by my Ottos.

Is this normal?  Wasn't expecting to have them breed, but nature runs its own course.  Should I separate her from the group?  There are 5 total.  She swims like her tail is heavy........ I am including pictures to show. 

I was planning on getting something to enable her to stay in the tank (it is a 10 gallon heated tank).  Help-  I am new to all of this! I temporarily put her in a mesh colander in the tank to keep them apart......til I can get something else. recommendations?




Screen Shot 2021-12-19 at 11.30.56 AM.png


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