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Danio acting lethargic then hectic


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UPDATE: GREAT NEWS! My Danio is alive and well! I treated him for 10 days with Tetra Lifeguard,  plus 2 days at half the dosage. For the first 6 days, he hid at the bottom of the quarantined tank and every attempt to move he'd make was triggering the uncontrollable frenzie 😞 😞

But then, he slowly started to slow down when moving, then swam around the tank, and finally, I saw him eat. This took 4 extra days. At that point, he was swimming almost perfectly normal. I added 2 more days of treatment using half the dosage and his behavior remained steady. I didn't want to stress him out more and undo the good of the treatment, so I cautiously put him back in the makin tank.

The other Danios swam around him and he was back on the team!! :D

I still watch him with particular attention to make sure whatever got him sick in the first place doesn't come back. 

***** *** * ORIGINAL POST * *** *****

What's happening to this little guy??! I couldn't attach the video of his behavior but basically, he hides in corners, motionless, then something or somebody spooks him and he twists and flops and loops frantically in the water, usually going back towards the bottom (giving the impression that he's scratching on the gravel, but I'm not sure this is his goal)... I hurt for him!

My quarantine tank isn't ready yet so I had to put him in a pet carrier fixed inside the main tank. 

I did a 20/25% water change, isolated him in the carrier and gave him his first Tetra Lifeguard All-in-one treatment today (as close to the proper dosage as I could measure).

Here is a picture of my water parameters. 



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Was he with others his own species before isolation? He could have a parasite that has gone to his brain, they typically have weird motor functions after that. I myself haven't been successful in bringing fish back from this point, and am not sure of the cause either 😞

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I also have Black Neons, Neons Tetras, Guppies and Mollies, plus some bottom feeders, shrimps and 2 frogs.

I noticed the recurring presence of leech-looking black worms every note and then, that attach on the outside of some of my fishs and shrimps. I have to manually remove them.

Could once of them have reached his brain??!!


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Yes, it's planted. 

A few months ago, I treated with Microbe-Lift "Lice & Anchor Worm" for 3 weeks and I thought it took care if it...

Some of my fish really didn't like not having the carbon filter for that long, and I have Cherry Shrimps and Ghost Shrimps, so I was worried the treatment would affect them as they are crustaceans.

Thank you for your help and advice!


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