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Setting up my new 29!


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First of all I have to say that I have posted a couple of times here, I'm so happy my friend suggested this forum!  After experiencing Facebook groups, it's a relief to have a place to bounce off ideas and get suggestions without unneeded drama!  


Now for the next step in my learning!


1 month into this hobby and I've already gone from a 5 to a 10 to now a 29 gallon!  Watch for me world, soon imma have a 300! Ok maybe not cause I'm in an apartment but aaaaanyway.  I'm not much of an aquascaper as you can see but here's my start. Goals for this tank is for glow tetras and a breeding trio of guppies therefore a growing guppy population. I know the tetras will eat fry, but that will help with population control!  I don't have plans for live plants other than that I currently have 2.5 (half because some broke off) marimo moss balls. Considering doing floating plants or possibly others in the future but I'm not completely convinced. 


So....questions are:

1.  Should I add more substrate?  I have another 10 pound bag. 20 pounds is in there currently. I'm undecided if it needs more or if I should just use that bag in my 10 gallon. 


2.  I know the aquascaping isn't amazing but is it passable?  Does it fit my goals for the fish?  I do have some more colorful fake plants in the 10 I can add. I literally just threw this together to have a place to start. 


3.  How heavily should I consider more plants than easy moss balls?  The moss balls did help A TON in the 10 gallon, and I have more on the way, but I know they will have less effect in a 29. Plus I know floating plants would help fry hide. 


4.  I've checked and double and tripled checked my plan for the fish makes sense but it never hurts to get more opinions. My LFS will take overflow fry so I'm not concerned about being over run, but is it too much for a beginner to jump into breeding?  I'm told guppy breeding is cake and I have a 5 gallon if needed for raising fry. 


5.  I haven't yet set up the filter and heater. I noticed the heater looks a lot smaller than the one I've been using for my 10. It's 100 watts. Is that enough?  I have multiple HOB filters was was thinking about running 2 together. However I don't think there is enough space on the hood. Is it worth it to drill an opening in the hood to fit 2?


6.  Anything else I didn't think of, feel free to add!  I know this is a step by step process and everything doesn't come at once. It's good to have some heads up on the processes. 


Again, I'm so I love with this forum!  You guys are the best!  I love constantly improving my knowledge and skills!


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1) Substrate depth is more important if you have (a) plants or (b) fishes that like to dig or tunnel. You have neither so the depth is your choice (there is one exception with fine substrate that can create anaerobic pockets if too deep but your substrate is coarse so that is not an issue)

2) I'm a strong believer of live plants; and guppy frys do a lot better if they have something to hide in - floating hornworth for example can help here; the actual hard scape is not important for guppies/tetra - it is more important for other types of fishes (such as borelli or hongsloi) which nest among the scape or mate need to hide after a spawn.

3) up to you - for some folks plants just grow and grow and for other they are just a money sink because they keep dying; there is no correct answer to this question.

4) breeding for egg layers can be difficult but for guppies and swordtail you don't have to do much just mix water with the fishes and wait.

5) heater size depend on difference between room temp and tank temp; as well as tank size. With your stocking you probably want the tank between 76 and 78; so if your room is kept at 65 then you will want a 200 watt heater; also reliability is very important as a lot of heaters are er well prone to failure.

As to filter can't answer as it depends on the size of the single filter and fish population; i personally am a big fan of square sponge filters or matten filters neither of which hang on the back - attached is a tank with both:


6) make sure the tank is cycled before adding fishes.

This is my guppy/swordtail tank which is a 29; it has a matten filter on the right and sponge filter on the left:



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On 12/15/2021 at 10:10 PM, Cinnebuns said:


3.  How heavily should I consider more plants than easy moss balls?  The moss balls did help A TON in the 10 gallon, and I have more on the way, but I know they will have less effect in a 29. Plus I know floating plants would help fry hide. 

Maybe you'd like to try a stem plant next? I've had a lot of success with Money Wart. It's not that picky. Grows moderately fast depending on how much light it gets. Does well floating or anchored in soil. Will grow several feet tall and even out of your aquarium if you let it. And you can start with one and end up propagating it across your aquarium.

You can see how mine started and are doing now.



Oh! and they grow more dense the more you cut them because two stems will sprout from the incision point.

Cory did a video on them a few years back.

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