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Another issue I just discovered - help with betta

Goldie Blue

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Hi all, I wanted to separate this from the post about all my fish dying in my 55g. I went to the store to get a sponge to cover the filter intake so my betta would stop sticking himself on it...he was in a small floating breeder in the meantime to keep him safe.

When I got home I noticed he has a big poop hanging at the end of a thin clear/white-ish thread. Is this something to be worried about? It's been hanging there for about 20 minutes now.

The pics aren't the best because he is inside the breeder and there are a ton of bubbles on there. I am treating the tank right now with kanaplex and jungle fungus clear. 

Since I am struggling with several issues at once, I just want to get some thoughts on this. Any help is appreciate, thanks!



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