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Hello everyone! Today I got my package of plants and tools I ordered from Aquarium Co-op three days ago! (Wow, I'm amazed that they got the package from Washington state to NJ in three days. Aquarium Co-op really gets their stuff done!) I was able to scrape together a decent looking tank with only plants and no driftwood or stones, which I plan to get eventually. The plants I got were an Amazon Sword, a Water Sprite, a Red Flame Sword, and a Vallisneria (though two vallisneria plants were encased in the pot. Neat!) I know I should probably quarantine these plants before putting them in the tank, but unfortunately I don't have a spare filter or the space to set up a quarantine tank (But I do have a 2.5 gallon tank in storage). Anyway, I'll just attach the pictures now.

Before Picture:


After Picture(s):



The Things I Ordered:

And oof, the after pictures show a lot of debris floating around from when I messed around with the substrate. I did a 15% water change and vacuumed the sand afterward. I needed to change the water anyway. Even though it looks quite simple, the tank is pretty pleasing for me to look at. I eventually plan to get driftwood and stones to put in the back corners and attach anubias plants to! 

Ciel was very confused (and possibly even scared) of the new additions to his tank. After staring at the Amazon Sword for 15 minutes (as shown in the after picture), he went back into his rock to sleep like he usually did. I thought the new plants would stimulate him to be more active so he doesn't sleep in his rock or on his leaf all day, but I guess not.

For the next few days, I will closely monitor the plants to see how they are adapting to the water conditions. Most of the plants I received are root feeders, so I made sure to add plenty of root tabs spaced apart from each other in the planted area. I originally planned to get all hardy, beginner-friendly plants, but I had to change some of my choices as my original ones were sold out online. If there are any comments or tips you guys have, feel free to reply them!

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You are so on top of this. Those plants will soon start to fill out the space. I believe water sprite is pretty fast growing and easily propagated. Just jump back on when its ready to prune and we can go through how. 

I was wondering why my swords didn't last for a long time before I ever heard of root tabs so you're quicker to that than me. 

I'm sure Ciel will cope fine with the change in after his nap.

It is annoying when the plant you want is out of stock I'm sat on a order at the moment because I want moss ball and watersprite  and for some reason the shop never has them both at the same time ( not coop) and I to mean to pay postage twice. 

Tank is looking good - well done 

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