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Andy's Fish Den Tanks

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I figured that I would finally do a thread of my fish room and the tanks I have going on in there. I'll start out with my newest projects, a rack to hold two 40 breeders and another with a 75 gallon on top and four 20gallon tall tanks underneath. These racks are on the other side of my basement from where the rest of my tanks are, but I ran some PVC over and tied it into my central air system. As you can see, I still need to get another 20 gallon, but all the other tanks are up and running with fish. Each rack is made out of 2x4, screwed together with 2.5" deck screws. I was in a time crunch to get these put together, so I didn't get a chance to paint them, but a friend of mine has his fish room with unpainted 2x4 and no problems, so I figured I would take my chances. 



I will show each tank in depth over the next few days. 

The first take I will highlight is the 75 gallon. I got this tank back in the summer for free,  a guy I know was moving and had to get rid of it quick so he offered it for free on a Facebook group page, one caveat, he had been building the tank into a paladarium, and had covered the back wall in silicone with some kind of mossy stuff pressed into it. I spent a couple days scraping, going through a few razor blades in the process. I finally got the wood and built the rack at the beginning of October, and got the tank set up on it. I wanted a minimalist tank with just a few plants, wood and stone in it. I put some UNS contrasoil in plastic mesh bags like what MD fish tanks uses and put those where I was going to place plants, then spread out a few bags of Carib-sea peace river fine gravel.


The wood is manzanita, and stones came from a local stone supplier for landscaping. 



Filtration is a large coop sponge filter with the co-op power head on it. Heater is ebo-jager. 


Ozelot sword plant that I had in a 40 breeders, it had flowered and produced a few plantlets a few weeks ago. 



Hadi "red" sword plant, a couple leaves have died back since being moved into this tank, but there are new leaves poking up in the center. When I planted the plants I put a couple of the co-op root tabs around them so they have plenty of nutrients to acclimate to their new tank. 


Crypt pink flamingo that I got from a LFS we visited this past weekend when my son and I went to the Ohio Cichlid Association extravaganza. 


The centerpiece fish for the tank right now, four wild caught Peruvian green discus. I also have a couple wild Heckel discus that I will be adding, but they need to grow out some more. There are also two F1 Peruvian "altum" angels in here, and want to add a few more. Other fish I have in other tanks that will be going in here is a school of sterbai corydoras, and a pair of L333 plecos. I am also thinking about some kind of tetras or maybe a pencil fish species. 

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