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ALA Convention Packing List


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I've got tickets to fly down to the ALA convention next week and I'm super stoked. Looking forward to meeting the other nerms that are going to be around too. This is my first fish convention and I have no idea what to bring. I'm hoping to go on the collecting trip on Friday and maybe pick up something cool at the auction. I've got a 2-hour direct flight back on Monday. I'm already planning on bringing appropriate shoes, sunscreen, etc. and then any breather bags I have lying around. Anyone have a good item checklist for a first-timer like me? I'm planning to bring fish on the plane rather than shipping, if I do purchase anything.

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I actually got an email from them yesterday regarding what they recommend bringing.

In addition to appropriate attire and sunscreen, consider bringing extra regular fish bags and extra rubber bands (in case any issues at the airport, etc.). Also, consider bringing an insulated shopping bag to carry the fish home in. If you get fish on Friday or Saturday, maybe a small styrofoam cooler and a USB air pump and air stone for the room. You won't need a heater...just turn up the AC so that it's above 73-74 in the room. 

For collecting, they recommended that bringing your own fish nets may be helpful.

If you are going collecting on Friday, make sure that you are pre-registered for that. Spots filled up pretty quickly. 

See you there!

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