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Plants not happy in CO2/Dosed tank :/

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The lights had been off when I took the Wisteria photo, or it would probably be easier to see, but both Hydrophila Polysperma and Hydrophila difformis appear to be growing new leaves with chunks missing from them, and lower leaves dying off. I am fairly sure my fish aren't nibbling on them, as they get fed plenty. To be honest I'm not real happy with the overall rate of growth/plant health in the tank, though I know it is not a high light setup. That was intentional as I wanted healthy growth without constant trimming. However, I am starting to wonder if I am even getting enough light for that, as its the only thing I can see that's on the lower side. These two pictures are EASY plants I used to grow in crazy quantities before CO2.

Tank: Standard 90G

Light: Beamswork DA FSPEC 48"

CO2: Injected at 28 cc/min, about as high as the fish will tolerate.

Dosing: EI Dosing ( Custom Macro 3x, Micro opposing days )




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Well, I'll be honest, I haven't been a numbers chaser. I cant even measure KH.  🤣

I'll measure PH drop, need the other side. Running around 6 at full saturation. Drop checker is light green.

However, there is a simple thing I should have checked. I think I might need heavier nitrate dosing 😬



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You may already know, but make sure you calculate for true gallons. I've calculated about 66 gallons for my 75 gallon. I was way over dosing before. I measured from substrate to water level as height. So, LxHxD=? Then ?/231 will give a true gallon estimate. Don't forget aquascape and filters.


Check out https://rotalabutterfly.com/nutrient-calculator.php

This is how I know all my ppm and dosing amounts.

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