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Baby nerite snail?


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I have a female nerite snail in my tank with no males. She has been laying eggs basically since I got her (sometime in July or June). I usually scrape them off and suck them out when I clean the tank. But… one must’ve hatched. I’m not sure how this is possible or if it is for sure a nerite snail. I don’t think my water is particularly brackish, though here are my water parameters: GH = 120-180, KH = 50, pH = 7.5. It definitely has the face, body and shell of one (partially the same color as the mother), and has been moving all around the tank. The only other snail I have in my tank is a male mystery snail. If it is a nerite snail does anyone have any advice on how to increase its chances of living?


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On 9/26/2021 at 2:38 PM, laritheloud said:

That looks like a freshwater limpet to me. Likely it came in on a plant.

After looking at pictures of them, yeah I agree. It must’ve been hiding for a while because I haven’t added new plants to the tank for about two months lol. 

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