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  1. After looking at pictures of them, yeah I agree. It must’ve been hiding for a while because I haven’t added new plants to the tank for about two months lol.
  2. Hi! I have a female nerite snail in my tank with no males. She has been laying eggs basically since I got her (sometime in July or June). I usually scrape them off and suck them out when I clean the tank. But… one must’ve hatched. I’m not sure how this is possible or if it is for sure a nerite snail. I don’t think my water is particularly brackish, though here are my water parameters: GH = 120-180, KH = 50, pH = 7.5. It definitely has the face, body and shell of one (partially the same color as the mother), and has been moving all around the tank. The only other snail I have in my tank is a male mystery snail. If it is a nerite snail does anyone have any advice on how to increase its chances of living?
  3. I actually just edited a closer pic into the post as you said this haha. It was hard to get a picture of them sitting still and one that was big enough to see properly lol.
  4. So, I just recently got a new dwarf lily bulb, which has been doing great! It’s been growing at a rapid pace and I’m very happy. The one issue I had was my betta picking at it, but I immediately stopped it. I put a glass cover over it and it’s been growing fine. However…. Taking a closer look, I can see what my betta was really after. There are these little white transparent “bugs” on my bulb that go in and out of it. I’m not sure what these are and if I should be concerned for my fish and plants? Is this normal on bulbs? Are they just harmless little organisms? I bought this bulb from aquarium co-op so idk if this is normal or if these are from the dirt it’s packed in. Here’s a video I took and a picture for reference: https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/592535000197496835/869292243427684362/video0.mov and here’s a better close up of one of the bigger bugs: Any input is appreciated!
  5. Hello! I got my bulb around 2 weeks ago and I’ve only seen these white sprouts grow on it about a week ago. However, there are some lighter parts on my bulb that make me a little concerned. It also smells bad, and will occasionally emit bubbles from the lighter areas. I’m not sure if it’s starting to rot or not.
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