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Goldfish cloudy eyes


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Hi all, I have an issue with 1 of my goldfish in my pond. He’s only a fairly small guy (approx. 5/5.5 inches). I estimate his age to be about 3.5years (I’ve only had him for past year and half, so obviously somewhat stunted). Before I had him he had been kept in a very small bowl (probably less than 10 gallons). Anyway, over the summer his eyes have become very cloudy, he gets around fine and gets his fair share of food, and I think he may be able to see a little bit. Also I’ve noticed at night his top fin often pops up out of the water, and I’ve noticed this top fin has now started to look a bit scrappy, I assume maybe from being exposed to the air? I also don’t think he’s grown much over the summer. I’m wondering if anyone might know what’s going on with him? If he need treating for something I’m thinking of bringing him in for the winter to do so. I have spare 40gallon which I think should be ok just to get him healthy again, before putting him back in the pond again next summer. Obvs if I do do this, I will need to do it soon as temps are dropping and I don’t want to shock him. Water chemistry is as follows: GH 180, KH 80, pH 7.5/8, Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 0, Temp 17 degrees c/ 63 degrees f. Just to mention also, all other fish are all fine and doing well. 

Thanks in advance for any info, 


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On 9/21/2021 at 9:16 PM, NickG83 said:

@Colu thanks for the info. I’ve had a look at the medications and I’ll have to order them in from the states (I’m in the UK), which I don’t mind doing but will take a while. I do have the quarantine trio available though, would any of those help? 

If your in the UK you can get Sera baktopur direct tables active ingredient is nifurpirinol a broad spectrum antibiotic you can get it off Amazon or eBay

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