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Fishroom tank support question


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From time to time, I see videos of fishrooms where there are aquariums in racks that don't have their frame supported fully underneath. In these instances, the frames may stick out from the edge of shelf rack by an inch or two. I'm guessing this is OK to a certain extent?

The reason I ask is because I wanted to fit some 20 talls on an approx .22-inch deep shelf, which means the front and back will stick out past the shelf by maybe an inch.  The tanks will be fully supported by 1/2 plywood sitting on top of a wire rack capable of holding a ridiculous amount of weight (meaning its sturdy, level shelving).

Is this anything to be concerned about? or will the tank be adequately supported?

Any advice by anyone with experience in these regards would be greatly appreciated.

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A week or so ago I specifically heard Fish Boy on YouTube mention this. He overhangs his 10 gallon side-by-side tanks by a small amount in the back rather than make custom shelves. He said something like "I know people in the comments will yell at me for this, but I've never had an issue"...I don't remember how much he had extended, and these were 10 gallons and not as deep as 20 talls. It's all physics...the bottom frame needs to handle a volume of (overhang X height X water weight in that volume). You should be able to figure out how much extra weight that is. It's not the glass, but the frame that matters in this case.

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