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Is this flukes?


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I have a planted 29 gallon community tank. 

Stocking: 1 Dwarf Flame Gourami, 15 Cherry Barbs, 5 Otocinclus Catfish, <5 misc. snails

Water Parameters: pH - 8, Nitrates - 10, Hardness - 150-300, Nitrite - 0, Ammonia - 0, KH/Buffer - 80, Water Temperature - 78 (tested yesterday)

In the last couple of days I have noticed flashing and hiding from a couple of the cherry barbs. My first thought was ich, but there are no visible spots. I'm wondering if it's skin flukes. Not seeing the gill redness or gasping I'd expect with gill flukes. Anyone have similar experience? I'm already nervous about treating the tank, I don't want to do something unnecessary. 


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Picture: I can try, though I'd have to catch them in the act of flashing. As I said earlier, no visible signs of illness. 

Additions: A couple weeks ago I added 4 female cherry barbs, because my male-to-female ratio was off significantly, along with several pots of Crypt Parva. I did not QT, as I don't really have the resources to do so. I also know that the LFS I bought them from does their own QT for new arrivals. 

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