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Unknown foggy bubbles


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Hi everyone I came across this forum on my search to figure out what the tinted/foggy white bubbles on my Betta's lair (his name is Vlad he's a Petsmart 'rescue' it only seemed fitting to give him an evil lair) I've never seen these before so hopefully they aren't harmful he's been through enough already it took weeks to get his color to come through and the fin rot to go away so I'm beyond grateful to have found all of you I'm somewhat new to Betta care I typically have goldfish but after my last two passed away after 8.5 years I wasn't ready for another fish until I found this little guy suffering in a foggy cup

Temp= 77° F

Nitrates =0 ppm

PH= 7.0 ppm

KH= 80 ppm

GH= 60ppm 

*KH and GH could be more towards the 120ppm range




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Levels and temp
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Do you have a snail? Is the lair meant for aquariums or is it some kind of repurposed toy? It looks like it could be fungus similar to when it grows on uneaten food or on newly placed driftwood. You could always take it out of the tank and throughout clean it using hydrogen peroxide and a brush. 

Since this isnt a definite answer, best course of action would be to clean it and sterilize it to be safe. Usually moldy fish food can cause bacterial growth and fungus that can cause a bad stomach ache. 

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No snail, it's made for aquariums he's been in a smaller tank while I was giving him daily treatment so this whole set up is a little over 2 weeks old the weird bubble things just showed up this morning the sun indirectly hits the tank for about 30 minutes a day I'm not sure if maybe that's doing it the only food he will eat is dried Mysis which I feed him one at a time but he's so small he eats them in pieces do you think other than a good clean a snail might help?

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I think a good cleaning of the decoration is the best choice. With that size of tank, a snail would not be a huge benefit but you could definitely add one if you wanted to. Did you cycle this tank at all? Also as a side note, he is a very beautiful betta

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Yeah I would give it a good clean. Is your tank cycled? Also, your Anubias looks like the whole rhizome is buried under the gravel, just bury the roots. (rhizome is the thick horizontal "trunk" of the plant)

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