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Hello from Central Wisconsin


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Hello!  I decided after lurking for a week to introduce myself. My name is Liisa and I am a pretty new hobbyist. My first fish was a betta I got four years ago. He died earlier this year. I started watching aquarium videos, mostly Aquarium Co-op videos. This got me thinking of doing a bigger aquarium. I talked to my husband and he said no, so I bought a 29 gallon (wish I went bigger lol) He just sighed. 

I got a new betta and upgraded his tank from a five to a ten. I might make the five a shrimp tank. I ordered plants from Aquarium Co-op and have only killed one. My 29 has harlequin and lampchop rasboras, 3 mollies, 6 peppered cities, two mystery snails (the coolest thing in my aquarium) and pest snails (they kinda worry me). 

I live in the country with dogs, cats, sheep, a goat and chickens. We have a very small spring filled pond that I would like to cleanup. We tried digging it deeper but hit bedrock. I did throw some feeder goldfish in there when we first bought the property for mosquito control and they still are alive. 

I am looking forward to learning more. 






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