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White Fluff on Bamboo Shrimp! HELP!


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I tried to get a picture of him, but he must have known I was going to because now I can't seem to find where he hid off too. 

I know its a fungus, it looks like the type of white fungus logs get when you first put them in the water. Now, I made the mistake of buying blue bolts and a few other shrimp from PetCo about a week ago. I noticed one of the amanos at Petco had a green algae in her pleopods. (later looked it up and found it was bad... I didn't buy this Amano btw) I had a few deaths in the tanks I placed them in.

I have learned my Petco lesson.... now... what does my tank and bamboo shrimp have and how do I go about curing it? Please tell me what I can do and buy to place in my tanks.


Much appreciated!

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