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2 low-moderate lights or 1 moderate-high light?

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I was wondering if getting 2 cheap lights will do the same job as an expensive light will do in terms of light intensity.
I want to add some high-tech plants and I'm sure my NICREW light won't be enough for that, especially considering I am aiming for a layer of duckweed at the top (I'll have a floating ring clear of any duckweed right above the high tech plants).

I have yet to find a place that sells well-known brands' lights here, and if they do - the price is usually 50%+ more than it is in the US.

I'm also hesitant to order it online as it's not cheap and if it breaks quickly for whatever reason - I'll have a nightmare figuring that out and will probably just have to buy a new one. Amazon is really the only site I can trust with online orders of expensive stuff when it comes to shipping to Israel  (sadly Aquarium Coop doesn't ship here yet ***😉***), and they do not ship any of the ones Cory is mentioning every now and then in his videos.

I have a timer on my socket so timing everything shouldn't be a problem at all. It's only the right light intensity I am after, to achieve very deep reds on some plants (I do use CO2). Will getting another NICREW light replicate the intensity of something like the Fluval 3.0 or Chihirios WRGB?

My tank is a 10gal, 30cm high (11 inches).

Edit: Each NICREW light is using 11w.

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