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Red Spot on Oranda Goldfish?


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Hello! First-time goldfish owner here and today I noticed my oranda goldfish has a red mark (looks like the equivalent of a broken blood vessel in a human?) on his right cheek, along with 2 white "pimples." I was under the impression that these "pimples" are a sign of wen growth for orandas, especially since I've only ever seen them on his head/around his face, but now I'm not so sure... After discovering his owie, I did an immediate 50% water change and plan to do a hydrogen peroxide dab on the area in a few hours to give him time to recover from the stress. I've also considered giving him a salt bath, but I was hoping to receive some feedback on the best course of action so I don't go overboard and stress him out fot no reason!

I've previously treated him with ParaCleanse about 2 weeks ago in a hospital tank, thinking he had flukes (I caught him flashing and twitching a lot one night and he'd been spending a lot of time near the surface of the tank. He still spends a lot of time near the surface of the tank, but I think that's just because he knows that's where his food comes from...).

Tank parameters:

fully cycled 40 gallon breeder with 1 oranda goldfish and 5 mystery snails

Filtration: 1 sponge filter, 1 HOB filter, and 1 air disc for extra aeration

pH: 7.85

Nitrates: 5ppm

Nitrites: 0ppm

Ammonia: 0ppm

Temp: between 68 and 72 degrees F, currently at 71.4 F

I also have a mesh bag of crushed coral in the HOB filter to help keep the pH stabilized / around neutral, and Seachem Purigen to help with ammonia.


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If I remember rightly the white pimple in orandas are caused be fat secretions it's usely diet related the red mark could be an injury where it's rubed on something in the tank

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