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Is this ich


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Ammonia 0

Nitrite 0

Nitrate between 20 and 40

Ph 7.0-7.2

Temp 76 f

Is this ich?  If so how can I treat the tank. I have plants, baby and adult mystery snails, 1 baby Molly fry, some ottos and a bn pleco. Also some mollies cherry barbs, danios and Cory cats


Sorry for the upside down cloudy pics. I developed a bacterial bloom a couple days ago.




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I think I see what your talking about, and I'm gonna say no. My angelfish will time to time develop those white spots, a few days pass and the spots dissapear.

Ich is usually more spead out, and will attack the fins more then anything else.

For right now just keep an eye on the angelfish and making sure it doesnt spread. Post on the forum if it does spread.

Good Luck!

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