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NPK test strip

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Would love a aquarium plant specific test strip. They make them for soil but not aquarium water. It’s easy to find test for nitrogen ( nitrate) and phosphate but  not potassium. Really enjoying the new aquarium coop strips but adding something for plants would be amazing.

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Oh your right all the NPK soil kits have little vials so must be a liquid kit

what do you use for potassium test kit?  

2 hours ago, StephenP2003 said:

Does an accurate test strip for potassium exist? I have a liquid potassium test that uses three reagents, and apparently it's really sensitive.


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I may be way off here but I think potassium is one of the macros that you can have in excess and it won't cause problems.  It doesn't solve the strip problem but maybe its less necessary.

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