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Established Cichlids in new tank struggling?


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I need help. I've been keeping aquariums for a while but I've never kept Cichlids let alone established ones that needed rehoming. I clean a fish tank for a client (she's gotten older and can't keep up with the maintenance anymore, but she lives close by and I'm happy to help)
She's slowly phasing out of her more aggressive cichlids and the 'tank bosses'. Moving more towards semi-aggressive and more peaceful fish.
Today I netted, and transported them home to the 75g I had set up for them. I'll be transparent. I filled the tank yesterday - threw in some of the sponge filters from my goldfish tank, and treated it with a dose of biological bacteria in a bottle and Prime.
Unfortunately due to car trouble instead of 10 minutes to my house and then a slow acclimatization - It was more like an hour and a half in a bin (with enough water obv), while I waited for a tow. I felt bad. I knew I should have brought my battery operated airmachine but I didn't. I left this morning in a rush and didn't think to grab that. (Let alone my nets and usual equip for her tank clean. 😥)
The tank is sitting at 26C and they've been in there (plop and drop bc I needed to get them out of the bin) for about idk 6-7 hours? I've got four of the eight of them struggling HARD. Like huffing, side laying without colour at the bottom. The rest seem stressed but alright.
I'm not sure what I can do. I really don't want to lose these fish as I've been caring for them for two years and they are to some effect my babies... I've been cleaning her tank faithfully every 2-3 weeks depending on her availability.
I know I've made some mistakes... I know I had some bad luck today but if anyone has any ideas....
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Same city water, same temperature, same crushed coral/pH ect. Down to the very same products for the water as I bring my own equipment ect. 

I will go add some. 

Do you think it was the prolonged stress? I feel horrid right now...

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