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L183 sitting at surface, gulping air


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I recently bought 8 L183 Ancistrus.

4 of them are sitting at the surface gulping air once in a while. 
They dont have any heavy breathing and the rest of them are doing fine and eating good.

The aquarium has been running for some time and is completly cycled.

Unfortunately one of the smaller ones have died.
I have suspected it to be some kinda Internal parasite because of white stringy poop and have treathing with esha hexamita and flubendazole. Metronidazole is almost impossible to get here unfortunately.

It seems to have helped alittle, atleast some of them have left the surface and are now hiding. 

I would be grateful for any thoughs or help. 


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48 minutes ago, KristofferA said:


Nitrites 0

Nitrates: <5

Ammonia: 0


Frist I would add an extra air stone if there hanging at the surface it could be parasite with white stringy poop I would treat with Esha g dex  the active ingredient is praziquantel or Esha ndx the active ingredient is levamisole 

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