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Pea Puffer Breeding Behavior and Aggression

Jennifer V

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Happy Wednesday! 

I got six juvenile pea puffers in February and now have one male and three females in my 10g heavily planted tank. The male has started exhibiting breeding behavior with the largest female. From what I've read, it's extremely difficult to breed these little guys so I'm not really worried about that or planning to encourage breeding.

My questions are:

Will this behavior exhibited by the male stress out the female enough to be concerned?

Will aggression on either side heighten?

Should I be concerned about the two smaller females who he seems to be completely disinterested in at the moment?

They've been so happy and peaceful that I don't want to upset the balance. 

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I have not had this happen yet, but I think the trick with all agression is sight breaks--tons of plants and nooks and crannies to explore and hide in. As long as the smaller females are still eating and are not being injured I would leave them to figure it out.

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