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Oddball stocking ideas for 25 gal high


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Posting for my partner, who has just set up a refurbished 25 gal (22” high x 21” length x 13” deep). It currently houses dozens of albino mystery snails (home-bred - many possibly will be sold/given to our lfs), ghost shrimp, and will soon house 2 bristlenose albino longfin plecos (though considering putting those somewhere else w/less competition for food). 
I’ve been trying to encourage my partner to add some kind of appropriate fish to add in there as well. My partner leans towards oddballs, and we have been playing with sticking to the albino theme (but are not married to that). 
We have high pH (7.6-8), high GH (300), and high KH water.  Will keep at about 75 degrees. Using a hob filter for now.  

So far we’ve considered: (most of them admittedly forgetting about the ghost shrimp)

- blonde ADFs (but tank is too tall for them to easily reach the surface)

- multies (but seems like the snails would eat their eggs, or possibly the multies would harm the snails/shrimp)

- angelfish (too aggressive, and the tank is too small)

- gobies (maybe - but more looking for something that will occupy mid-upper levels of the column) 

- some kind of killifish (strong contender as far as interest, but not sure if our water parameters are appropriate or if we can put on a tight enough fitting lid bc of the hob filter)

Hoping to get some other fun ideas on here! I am one of those lucky ppl who got into the hobby and then my partner, of their own volition, got into it too. Our therapist tried to tell us to stop getting tanks. So we got 2 more 😂

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