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Hello from Cincinnati


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Hi All,

I've been keeping fish for ~ 2 1/2 years now.  My dad had a tank when I was a kid so I was familiar with a lot of the fish, but not so much taking care of them.  I decided out of the blue one day to go get an aquarium and started with a 65 gallon community tank.  My daughter started showing interest in it so I ended up getting her a 20 gallon as well.  Had a few disasters early on but I eventually figured it out.  I've been watching the Co-op Youtube for probably most of the time since I started and I've also slowly started collecting collecting everything from the website :).  Plants, USB Air pumps, sponge filters, tubing, Easy Green, Fluval lights, pleco caves, apisto caves, meds, etc...

I currently have 4 tanks plus a 10gal QT tank.

This is the 20 gallon that was my daughters.  She isn't so interested anymore so I took it over and removed her very colorful decorations.  Currently houses 2 hatchet fish, Longfin albino bristlenose, 3 Julii corys, 2 apistos, 3 Celebes rainbows, platinum angel, and a lonely neon tetra.  Several Nerite snails and a bunch of MTS.  Substrate is mixed Eco Complete with BDBS.



This is my original 65 gallon tank.  Only occupant is a flowerhorn.  I got her when she was smaller and i wasn't sure male or female.  A little bummed it wasn't a male but oh well.  Her name is Fergie.



This is a 9 gallon Fluval Flex that my wife bought me for Christmas last year.  I believe it is a Black Orchid Betta, 3 small Corys unsure of the type, and a Clown pleco that I never get to see.  Few Nerite snails and some other pest snails that I picked up along the way.  Substrate is Eco Complete.



Last but not least, my 125 and a surprise appearance by one of the doodles.  My brother-in-law and I build the stand, can't really see in the picture but I think it turned out nice.  Substrate in this one is BDBS which I'm not really happy with but I was trying to save money.  It looks ok, but I haven't had much luck with plants outside of the Val, Octopus, and Java Fern.  I plan on replacing it at some point.  Stocking of this one is ~10 Albino corys, ~10 Rummy Nose, ~10 Black neons, 4 Clown loaches, 2 Bolivian Rams, Albino Bristlenose, Emporer pleco, Gold Nugget pleco, 2 Roseline sharks, panda garra, and ~10 mixed rainbows.  Also several Nerite and a bunch of MTS in here.  The Clown loaches destroy the MTS.



Thanks for all of the great content on YouTube and looking forward to more on this forum.


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