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Found 2 results

  1. I would love some help with my Limias. Any advice would be appreciated. I have lots of meetings today and kids to move around so my answers to questions may be a little slow. I have a Limia colony in a 40 gallon breeder that has been going for about four years. There are also three remnants of a bigger group of corydoras and five otocinclus. It is very heavily planted and must have at least 50 Limias of different ages. I keep the tank about 74 degrees. Here is what is what is going on. About three months ago I noticed some white irregular, not round, spots on my hunchbacked Limias. I then noticed it on a few more. It is never on more than five or ten fish at a time. I have only found one dead female since and she was very big and had no spots. I don't see any flashing, rubbing, or other behavioral changes. They eat heartily and breed like crazy. I attached a picture of one for reference. It is blurry but you can see the white coating. It is messing up my whole system. I need to trade these soon to keep the population down and this tank produces duckweed to feed my goldfish. I also wanted to add some crazy cute dwarf red platies to this tank. So far, I have done three ICHX treatments and am now on day 5 of a paracleanse treatment. I have also been changing the water more often because of treatments. My bacterial cycle seems to be in good shape. I assumed Ich. I checked in with a helpful LFS owner who said he saw someone's Corys with a similar issue. He wondered if maybe it was either a form of velvet or anchor worms or flukes of some rare sort. Neither treatment has made a difference. When I checked my parameters using Tetra strips, I noticed my water is pretty soft. I have been assuming illness but could this be caused by a lack of minerals in the water? Nitrates - under 20 Nitrite - 0 Hardness - 25 (I just noticed that this has changed, it used to be pretty hard, we do have a water softener.) Chlorine - 0 Alkalinity - 180 - 300 PH - 8.4 Ammonia is zero.
  2. Just wondering if anyone here has had experience with limias, specifically limia vittata (although if you have a different limia that you want to talk about, feel free!) I was recently watching Cory's walk through Goliad fish farms and the limia vittata caught my eye- cute little yellow and black speckly livebearers! Just wondering if anyone had any opinions on them, either good or bad.
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