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Found 2 results

  1. so are the root tab capsules made from gelatin like human pills? when i tried to shove them, the exterior of the capsules had disolved and floated up and settled on the bottom creating a white gelatin like substance. it broke up when i tried to scoop it out / siphon it out. what is the exact composition? gelatin? is it safe? i trust the ingredients IN the root tabs but i want to know what is the capsule made of considering it isn't listed on the ingredients on the bottle.
  2. Can anyone help me identify this brown, broken-open capsule I have recently found on the decoration of my fish tank (20 gal, planted). All the fish seem fine (4 - female bettas, 10 - leopard danios, 3 - cardinal tetras, 1 - large mystery snail, 3 - amano shrimp, 3 - (small) rams horn snails), but I did recently have some issues with algae/clouding of the water (GH = 80 ppm, KH = 120 ppm, TDS = 756, pH 7.5, NO2 = ~0, NO3 = ~0). This seems to be under control after water changes and cleaning of the substrate. I have not noticed anything out of the usual in the tank. But this is definitely not part of the original decoration. Ideas? Is this something to be concerned about?
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