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Brown Capsule Identification


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Can anyone help me identify this brown, broken-open capsule I have recently found on the decoration of my fish tank (20 gal, planted). 

All the fish seem fine (4 - female bettas, 10 - leopard danios, 3 - cardinal tetras, 1 - large mystery snail, 3 - amano shrimp, 3 - (small) rams horn snails), but I did recently have some issues with algae/clouding of the water (GH = 80 ppm, KH = 120 ppm, TDS = 756, pH 7.5, NO2 = ~0, NO3 = ~0). This seems to be under control after water changes and cleaning of the substrate. 

I have not noticed anything out of the usual in the tank.  But this is definitely not part of the original decoration.

Ideas? Is this something to be concerned about?

Capsule on decorations.jpg

Capsule on Decorations_2.jpg

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The decoration is only about 5 months old. But this is definitely not part of the original decoration. 

You can see from the attached pictures that this is not in the original manufacturers pictures. 


(This is also not a root tab capsule, as I have never put in root tabs in this tank.)

Capsule on Decorations_2_Website.jpg

Capsule on decorations_Website.jpg

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Actually, zooming in on the image, I realized that there were some hairy roots on the capsule.

I am now recalling I randomly dropped in a plant bulb a few months back that never grew, and I think that is where it settled. You can see the others in a different tank that also never grew, but are not yet degraded as this one is.

Thanks for the help and listening to me work through this problem on my own. =]

Capsule on decorations_Identified-Plant bulb.jpg

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