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Found 3 results

  1. Hello all! Trying this out. I tend to be a wallflower that absorbs info but at the moment I'm in over my head. My fish keeping journey keeps taking twists. My "well-researched" Mother's day gift of a Biorb turned into a new hobby but came with lots of hurdles. I've dealt with Ich, learned that quarantining is important, failed at a couple tank designs, ordered my first fish online (and it wasn't what I paid for), and upgraded the filtration on a Biorb. Right now I'm struggling with filtration for a 5 gallon (flow too strong for a Betta). Trying to find fish that get along in the Biorb (because once they are in there, it's really hard to get them out since its a giant ball), and just starting with plants (absolutely terrified of killing fish with fertilizer for the plants). I'll probably browse around for info but welcome any advice. Jayne
  2. Hello! I received a 4g flow Biorb last week and set it up that day. I removed the betta after receiving an injury in the tank and am about to remove the African dwarf frogs who aren't happy due to the strong light. My overall concern with the tank is how loud the filter is. I have a large airstone on a 75g and the pump is huge yet is quieter than the 4g's sponge filter pump. Does anyone know how to make the pump quieter? Does anyone have the same problem? Thanks!
  3. I was planning on taking out the gravel in by biorb and replacing it with sand. Can I do this with a sponge filter?
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