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  1. Inigo has a school of Emporer Tetras in his tank but he likes the corydoras. He "sits" on top of them like a mother hen. They don't seem to mind.
  2. Mine was sold as a white/orange double rose tail. He's not a double tail, never had orange and is now 70% black/blue, 25 red, and 5 white but he's still gorgeous
  3. Hey beautiful people! Anyone know what is going on with my snail? I'd say I noticed it a couple of days ago (depressed ridge in the shell) . This particular snail has spawned multiple offspring lately (so I don't think its a food issue). All the babies are still tiny but is this from them? I added an oyster shell to the tank for more calcium. Is this something I need to treat?
  4. 16 gallon Biorb (w/ filtration mod to biohome gravel and sponge filters). Planted. Temp 78, pH is high at 7.8 (will be doing immediate water change), 0 ammonia, 5ppm nitate, 0 nitrite. (Does the easy green liquid fertilizer change pH?) 1 betta, 1 golden Chinese algea eater (newest addition), 1 hillstream loach, 6 white cloud minnows, and 3 lemon tetras (who have calmed down after the addition of the minnows, school lost 2 while in quarantine last month upon purchasing) Everyone seems to get along. No aggression from or towards the Betta (Lemons were an issue, still not sure if I'll keep them). Betta sometimes doesn't participate in feeding but never multiple times in a row.
  5. Hey everybody, So, I swear the black pigment on my Betta is ?speading? Does that happen? Or is something wrong? Picture with less black is the day I brough Inigo home, the darker is today. His top fin seems more ragged and he appears to have white dots only on his tail (but as he is white, its hard to tell if he has them elsewhere.
  6. Thanks! Will look for those. Shrimp aren't my favorite to look at but balance is better.
  7. Pygmy Barbs, you say? That sounds like a fish that would fit my ascetic goal as well as the current inhabitants. Will look into them. Thanks.
  8. I think that's where we're heading. So glad it works well. I have three Bettas and boy are they different personalities!
  9. Your bowl is amazing! Right now the bowl has the handsom fellow pictured below (no name yet), a hillstream loach and 3 lemon tetras. (There were 5 but they eliminated one of their own in quarantine and the previous Betta overlord fought off the aggressive male). Definitely will need more cleanup crew but since its freshly established there isn't much algee to feed them.
  10. The Biorb is 16 gallons. I upgraded the filtration system with a double layer of filter sponge topped by biohome filtration media. (Pondguru on YouTube). It works amazing now. I don't lose fish to the filtration and I can add plants. I am looking into a sponge filter for the 5 gallon. It has a HOB right now with a marble filled soap dish underneath to disapate the flow.
  11. Hello all! Trying this out. I tend to be a wallflower that absorbs info but at the moment I'm in over my head. My fish keeping journey keeps taking twists. My "well-researched" Mother's day gift of a Biorb turned into a new hobby but came with lots of hurdles. I've dealt with Ich, learned that quarantining is important, failed at a couple tank designs, ordered my first fish online (and it wasn't what I paid for), and upgraded the filtration on a Biorb. Right now I'm struggling with filtration for a 5 gallon (flow too strong for a Betta). Trying to find fish that get along in the Biorb (because once they are in there, it's really hard to get them out since its a giant ball), and just starting with plants (absolutely terrified of killing fish with fertilizer for the plants). I'll probably browse around for info but welcome any advice. Jayne
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