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  1. Hello there all. I was watching the "We Built an AMAZING Water Change System - Fish Room Update Ep. 99" and am super interested in the ro tubing to 90/t fittings. he said it has like a 3 quarter bushing to a 1/ quarter or something and I just can't find the parts online. I am really just bad at plumbing and its something I'm trying to understand more. If anyone could throw me some links or where to get that would be appreciated.
  2. I was just curious to what like in line dechlorinators such as carbon filters that people use to dechlorinate water in their fishrooms for auto water changes. Would it just be something like this https://www.springwellwater.com/product/water-filters/whole-house-water-filters/?attribute_number-of-bathrooms=1-3 Bathrooms&gad_source=1&gclid=CjwKCAiAvoqsBhB9EiwA9XTWGXjCtq6yf_J9wVWtljLZskfayZYzvAPigy8me9rxHYQ5TEhVJ_KqRRoCjQoQAvD_BwE Been curious for auto fill lines if you don't wanna like have a huge tote you just dechlorinate yourself.
  3. Oh neat. Babies coming even without finding eggs seems amazing to me. Yeah I think breeder box is what Ima aim for. Thanks!
  4. holy, thank for the whole process. I really appreciate it. Ah very resourceful and diy-ey with the walmart plastic trays for a fry raiser in the same tank. I will be sure to constantly look back top this for reference. For most freshwater fish or corys specifically would you feed bbs or are there any prepared foods. Ill check the forum you linked and find the answer but I appreciate the answers :D.
  5. Yeah I breed saltwater fish so I understand the three important tips you gave me just was asking for maybe anything specific to freshwater and I know i just got them but it's never too early to research and ask for help. Thank you for the tips and the send on fish folk pulling angel eggs. For your panda corydoras do you use a breeder box or do you set up another tank. For saltwater I personally use black tubs but I don't think I need to do all that for freshwater right?
  6. Hi guys! This is my first time posting in the aqurium coop forum. Im actually a saltwater hobbyist but I have recently got into freshwater aquariums. I have a 22 gallon long with 1 betta, 7 congo tetras, and just newly acquired 3 Venezuelan black catfish. I am looking to breed the corys and I am just posting to get some general tips. I am afraid of the congo tetras maybe getting to eggs before I can since they are so fast but anyways Nice to be here!
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