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  1. Sweet I knew I had seen that video I watched it when he did it but didn’t remember that it was one of Deans videos. Lol and heck yeah the other video with the tracks gave me the idea for making my own sliding lids. Was looking at my old 45gallon hex and was like I could make so many lids out of that leaky old thing lol. Now I just gotta go grab some old thrift store picture frames to practice on. Thanks for sharing the videos now I have some video tutorials. 💪🏼
  2. Has anyone ever cut up an old tank to make lids for different tanks? Tips or tricks I should know about.
  3. Thank you. I got it new used from someone on marketplace didn’t notice all the cracks at first had only seen one of them and it wasn’t a full straight threw crack once I got it home I noticed it being as bad as it was. I think I might just get another one unless frames aren’t to expensive
  4. Ok I’ve already done the 3000psi 2 part epoxy on these corner cracks but I’m still concerned. It’s on a 75. Don’t know if it will be fine or if I should worry. Thank you.
  5. I’m putting 12 panda corys and 5 Otos threw med trio qt. Can or should I add a few natural coconut hides that I had in storage so there is something other than sponge filters and heaters in tank. I don’t mind only having the coconut hides for qt and not putting them in regular tank ever.
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